Hello, I’m Kevin Blue.

I work at the intersection of sports, education, and business. I’m currently the Chief Sport Officer at Golf Canada where I’m working with a great group of colleagues to grow domestic participation in the sport and enhance Canada’s global prominence in elite golf.

A significant amount of my experience has come in various roles in college sports, including seven years in senior management at Stanford and five years as a Division I athletics director at UC Davis.

I’ve thought a lot about the long-term future of college athletics in the United States. My most popular writing includes essays like Rising Expenses in College Athletics and the Non-Profit Paradox, which outlines the systemic factors and behavioral economics explaining why spending in college athletics has been hard to control. This essay was included in written testimony during a US Senate hearing in February 2020 by Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby.

I also write about topics broadly related to business strategy in sports, including dynamic ticket pricing and technology adoption. Here is a list of essays. I will try to add to it with new ones from time to time.

I grew up as a hockey player and golfer in Toronto, Ontario before attending Stanford University on a golf scholarship. I studied sports psychology, talent development, and management in graduate school.

If you’re interested in the intersection of sports, business, and education, I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email at KevinABlue@gmail.com.

Writing of Interest

Here is a list of some of my recent work:

Accelerating the Future of Canadian Golf

Thirty Canadian Players on the LPGA and PGA TOUR by 2032
(accompanying video)

Rising Expenses in College Athletics and the Non-Profit Paradox

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Why Congress Should Regulate Salaries and Spending in College Athletics

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